Gott oder Göttin des Katzenschlafs,
kostende Gottheit die in dem dunkeln
Mund reife Augen-Beeren zerdrückt,
süßgewordnen Schauns Traubensaft,
ewiges Licht in der Krypta des Gaumens.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Pandora's Box is the name that Petra Giacalone gave to the association founded in 2008 as a substitute of a stabile orchestra, which was her dream.

Pandora's Box is an association founded in order to explore and open numerous sounds, styles, musical groups and genres. It was created with the scope of proposing performances with programmes that are personally and especially chosen, executed with numerous musicians, often different but always enthusiastic. With Pandora's Box Petra Giacalone begins to take her musical programmes into theatres, private circles, ballrooms, conquering the plaudit and credibility in the Viennese cultural ambient.

Her work was so highly regarded, that she earned the subventions and aid in order to enhance her performance initiatives and grow among the audience the notoriety of her groups and musical projects.