New Tango CD: Oblivion & Tschüß, Pandora´s Box Ensemble
30. 09. 2011

The Pandora´s Box Ensemble played for many Tango-Events in Vienna. The times they play in the big Tango scene in Vienna they have a lot of success with their interpretations of Tango argentino. Their music take you not just to the farest Buenos Aires, but make dancers impossible to stay sit.

The new CD Oblivion & Tschüß (Oblivion & Bye) was recorded in Summer 2011 because of lots of demands from dancers and public of the concertis and offers a program with Tango argentino, which is just a part of their big repertoire.

“Pandora’s Box plays and Vienna dance. Tango! “

You can hear some of the tracks in the section Video - Audio

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