Erst eine Kindheit, grenzlos und ohne
Verzicht und Ziel. O unbewusste Lust,
Auf einmal Schrecken, Schranke, Schule, Frohne
Und Absturz in Versuchung und Verlust.

Trotz. Der Gebogene wird selber Bieger
Und rächt an anderen, dass er erlag.
Geliebt, gefürchtet, Retter, Ringer, Sieger
Und Überwinder, Schlag auf Schlag.

Und dann allein im Weiten, Leichten, Kalten.
Doch tief in der errichteten Gestalt
Ein Atemholen nach dem Ersten, Alten...

Rainer Maria Rilke

Petra Giacalone is a pianist, conductor and opera accompanist/trainer.

Born in Italy, when she was twenty she brilliantly obtained a degree in piano playing following her studies at the Giuseppe Verdi conservatory in Milan under the guidance of M. Chairalberta Pastorelli. Contemporarily she followed the courses of composition with M° Lorenzini, choral conducting with M° Pace.

Since 2002 she was engaged as accompanist and music assisten for Schönbrunner Schlosstheater, for several productions in the University for Music and for the Wiener Chamber Opera. She was also chor assistent for the Tiroler Festpielen, Progetto Semiserio, Sirene Oper theater in Vienna. She worked 2013 und 2014 for EntArte Opera (Brucknerfest in Linz),as Assistant and accompanist.
She has been engaged in 2013 as assistant conductor and accompanist at the Opera Theatre in Augsburg.

She moved in Vienna in 2000 and she obtained her Master Degree in Opera accompaniment in 2008 (University for music, Vienna) and the one in orchestra conducting in 2011 (University for music, Graz).

She founded the The Visionary Art Symphonic Orchestra as a musical association called Pandora's Box with the purpose of promoting various genres and spectrum of music, creating and proposing musical programmes of classic, modern and contemporary chamber music, for ensembles and orchestras including programmes incorporating tango and film music.

Her Master Thesis "Mimí und Salome, femme fragile and femme fatale" was published from the geramny Edition VDM.

She plays a lot in Duo with the cellist Tilly Cernitori, a particular program with contemporary austrian music.

She conducted: Pro Arte Orchestra, Sofia Festival Orchesra, Savaria Symphonic Orchestra, KUG Sinfonietta and Graz Chamber Philharmonic, Israel Chamber Ochestra and in March 2015 she is going to conduct the Hilary chamber Orchestra.

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